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East Wichel Community Association

East Wichel Community Association existed as an informal group from 2009, until formally constituted as a charity in 2012. The association also has a group on Facebook. Meetings are held irregularly but at least once per year. The community centre opened in July 2013 and details of how to book the community centre are available on their website.

Minutes 14th November 2019
Minutes 26th September 2019
Notes 7th June 2017
Minutes 24th May 2017
Minutes 1st March 2017
Minutes 9th November 2016
Minutes 13th July 2016
Minutes 2nd December 2015
Minutes 9th September 2015
Minutes 25th April 2015
Minutes 21st January 2015
Minutes 2nd October 2014
Minutes 23rd July 2014
Minutes 30th April 2014
Minutes 29th January 2014
Minutes 24th July 2013
Minutes 30th April 2013
Minutes 24th January 2013
Minutes 11th October 2012
Minutes 26th July 2012
East Wichel Neighbourhood Partnerhip

East Wichel Neighbourhood Partnerhip was an East Wichel Community Group, a partnership of Swindon Borough Council, Sovereign Homes and The StoweAway. It was replaced by East Wichel Community Association when that was formally constituted in 2012.

Minutes 17th April 2012
Minutes 31st January 2012
Matters raised 13th October 2011
Minutes 13th October 2011
Minutes 29th March 2011
Matters raised October 2010
Minutes 15th June 2010

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