Street map of East Wichel

An evolving map of East Wichel

The map below, from OpenStreetMap, shows the evolving layout of streets and other features of East Wichel.

Most large housing developments are built in an order that ensures construction traffic is kept away from residential traffic — new residents use different streets from the builders. That was originally the intention for East Wichel, but the economic crisis of 2008 and consequent government loans and subsidies to the builders resulted in the construction order changing. Rather than the social housing being built last it was built first. A result of that is that there is no segregation of traffic, with visitors, residents and builders all share the same roads.

Especially in bad weather, those roads most used by the builders are likely to be rather muddy — even though they are cleaned daily — and the road surfaces uneven.

As construction finishes, the roads will progressively be given their final surface. This has now happened for most developers, except for Taylor Wimpey and a few streets of Bloor Homes. Later, the roads will be adopted by Swindon Borough Council.

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